OCT is a responsive, flexible and service-orientated company

OCT AB was founded in 1986 and is a modern transport, service and service company with over a hundred employees. Over the years we have gained a reputation for being competent and competitive.

One of our strengths is that we are responsive to our customers’ needs and requirements.
Our service policy is to always give a little more. This makes us flexible and versatile. Our philosophy is to work on long-term relationships with all types of companies, from the self-employed to large corporations.

Our head office is located in Lunda industrial area in north-west Stockholm, where we have large and modern premises with warehouses and high-bay storage. In 2015, we also opened a local office in Gothenburg to get even closer to our customers.

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Corporate culture

At OCT, we are well aware of the environmental and social impact of our activities. In particular, our fleet of vehicles has a major impact on our environment through exhaust emissions. That’s why all our service vehicles are electric, our company cars are fuelled by natural gas and our few diesel-powered cars are at least Euroclass 5.

The company has also been ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified for many years and has strict regulations regarding the types of products that can be used in our business.

Internally at the company, we have both an explicit and well-established drug policy and ethics policy in order to prevent a negative social and societal impact. We also know that the type of business we conduct is tiring for the body and therefore provide the opportunity for chiropractor, wellness and health care for our employees. OCT AB is affiliated to the Transport Workers’ Union.

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We easily agreed with OCT how to handle the archiving, after we processed the documents and stored them digitally. They were very accommodating to how we wanted it. They thoroughly understood our working methodology and, as far as possible, adapted their management procedures to ours in order to best meet our customers’ archiving needs.

After statutory archiving, OCT also takes care of the destruction of the material. In addition to agility and flexibility, I also consider price to be important when choosing OCT.

Ola Fröberg - Affärsområdeschef Redovisning, BDO

They are flexible, keep to deadlines and their staff are socially competent and well behaved with our customers. The invoices are also very clearly itemised.

Most important is their high quality. Like putting the right thing in the right place after the move, tidying up the rooms, not putting boxes on the wooden desks, covering lifts so they don’t get damaged.

Many small but important details that only really competent movers think about.

Anders Bennbom - Project Manager, Coor Service Management AB

We have been working with OCT for several years and now also regarding archiving and destruction of both all Visma companies’ and our customers’ accounting material. Archiving with OCT is fast, efficient and easy. Access to documents is highly accessible, as they have complete control over every binder we deliver.

We really appreciate OCT’s personal approach. They know us as a company and are committed to understanding how we work and what we need.

Gisela Hedström - Chief Receptionist , Visma Services Sverige AB

I have used many moving companies and OCT is by far the best. It is a well-run, full-service company with personalised service and a continuity that gives me the privilege of talking to the same people year after year.

They are professional, always arrive on time and are good at packing the stuff. Nothing has broken, even if it has been sensitive and fragile items like computers and musical instruments.

I have for several years also stored a lot with them. Very happy with that too.

Ola Håkansson - Music Producer, TEN Music Group

Our framework agreement with OCT covers the relocation of Posten’s offices to other premises and remodelling of existing offices. This can involve anything from a few workplaces to a few hundred.

And I am never disappointed!

It always looks neat and tidy after a move, with everything placed correctly.

Plus they are very competent, and can assemble and disassemble furniture for example.

Ronny Gren - Facilities Management specialist, Postnord AB

Quick facts

Organisationsnummer: 556269-7788
Founded: 1986
Registered office: Stockholm
Owner: Eqivate AB

Economy: Stockholm

Auditor: Authorised Public Accountant Peter Johansson Allegretto Revision AB
Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken
Rating Creditsafe: 87, Very Good Creditworthiness
Rating Bisnode: AAA

Authorisations and certificates

Traffic licence: Dnr 33042-612-87
Insurance company: Trygg Hansa
Insurance number: 25-0063552-02 and 01 3775970
Certification: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Staff and membership

Trade union: Transport Workers Union
Anti-drug policy: Yes
Ethics policy: Yes
Member of the Swedish Road Haulage Association

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