Secure archiving that meets today’s demands

We at OCT Arkiv have been working with archiving and document management for almost 20 years and today we work with some of the world’s largest companies and groups. With us, no company is too small or too large to be able to use our external archiving service as we always adapt to our customers’ needs and requirements.

We provide high security and service from our archive warehouse in Lunda industrial area, making us the largest and most central archive company in Stockholm.

The archive premises are moisture, fire and burglar-proof and fulfil the legal requirements for safe and correct storage of, among other things, accounting material and documentation that requires certain storage or confidentiality. The premises are equipped with camera surveillance with AA alarms that have direct contact with the alarm centre.

All our customers’ archive material is stored in the same place, which also means that our unique service and search time always apply, and customers are familiar with where the material is archived. We help our customers with the entire archiving process and all types of archiving assignments, from structuring and sorting internal archives to security destruction, retrieval and much more. Our archiving services are always carried out by our own trained archive staff who are bound by professional secrecy.

Internet service

When you choose to archive your material externally with us at OCT Arkiv, you as a customer get access to our modern and uniquely designed internet service. Once all your documentation is registered in our archive system, you can easily log in with a personal username and password to access, among other things, your list.

Our internet service has the highest level of security for digital services, we have SSL Certificates (AES 256) from Symantec with technology from VeriSign.

Bankruptcy management

Sometimes it happens that companies go bankrupt or for other reasons have to close down their business and need the opportunity for a prepaid archive arrangement, we are of course here to help you all the way even then.

Our archive department has extensive experience in bankruptcy management and helps all types of companies to develop individually tailored solutions both in terms of management, destruction and pricing. You can safely leave the archiving to us, we comply with the General Archives Act, the Accounting Act and the requirements placed on us as an archive supplier.

Our service promise

At OCT Arkiv, we work hard to provide all our customers with fast and high quality service and it is always easy to get in touch with us as an archive supplier.
Our main priority is to deliver what our customers want quickly and reliably, and to provide them with the best service regardless of the type of assignment they require. Since our high-bay warehouse and head office are located in the same place in Stockholm, transport services are always affordable as we do not have to deliver materials from several locations in the country.

It is also a great advantage that we work with our own vehicles and knowledgeable trained staff and can always guarantee fast deliveries and collections.

We value having a good relationship with our customers, as we know that it is important to constantly have good contact with the companies we work with. This way, we can always deliver the best of our service to our customers.

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