Furniture disposal

When relocating or winding up a business, it can be a challenge to dispose of surplus office furniture in a simple way. With our Furniture Decommissioning service, we can help you solve this. And help you make good use of that furniture in the process.

Many companies take the opportunity to change office furniture when their own company moves and then the question arises what to do with the old furniture. The question is even greater when a company is being wound up, as all the office furniture needs to be sold and disposed of. Taking care of old office furniture can be challenging and, above all, time-consuming. And when moving or winding up, there are other things to think about and so little time. This is where we can help.

Our customers have asked us to help them with their surplus office furniture during relocations. The result is our “Decommissioning of furniture” service, an offer where we not only take care of the old furniture but also turn it into something useful.

Sell, donate or dispose of

In connection with the initial moving inspection, we identify which furniture is to be disposed of. We then look for one of three solutions to dispose of it. In a first step, we seek to sell the furniture. We approach at least two furniture buyers and invite tenders for the office furniture. You then decide whether to accept the best offer. If a sale is not possible for various reasons, the second step is to donate the furniture to a charitable organisation such as Stadsmissionen. If there are no other options left, in step three we will arrange for the office furniture to be taken to a recycling centre and disposed of in an environmentally sustainableway.

Safe and transparent

Safety and transparency are important to us in everything we do. Professional road transport of waste, such as the transport of equipment to the tip, requires a permit under the Waste Ordinance. We hold this licence from the County Administrative Board. When dropping off equipment at a recycling centre, we can create an environmental project at Stena on your behalf. Figures and diagrams show, for example, how much of the discarded inventory has gone to material recycling and energy recovery. Measurable climate benefit of interest to the entire company!

Whatever happens to your old furniture, you can be sure that with our help, it will be taken care of in a good way that means a benefit for your own wallet, for society or the environment.

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