Facility Services – More than just moving

Facility Services is our offer to companies that want to simplify everyday life in the office. It is a service where we, with staff on site every day, take care of all the office’s everyday chores. A housekeeper, caretaker or handyman who ensures that all the little things and many of the big things in the office just work.

It could be changing broken lamps, refilling printers, dealing with rubbish, fixing creaking doors or reporting broken office equipment. Keeping all the cords and technology in the conference rooms organised and tidy, or jumping in to help with events.

A proactive and confident resource who acts quietly and is responsible for the practical day-to-day running of the office.

Facility Services is a service we have been offering to medium and large companies for over 10 years so we understand the need and challenge of running an office efficiently. Because our staff are on site every day and therefore always available, the service is very flexible and the results are clear. With an OCT ‘office facilitator’, your office will run smoothly. Even if you don’t always notice how it happens.

OCT Pro Service

As a customer of this service, you will benefit from personalised service and guaranteed access to OCT resources at a reduced price. Included in the subscription is the OCT Office Set, which offers the possibility to rent workplace packages including exhibition and take-back at a fixed monthly cost. Read more about it

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