OCT Pro Service

OCT Pro Service is a subscription service that OCT can offer to simplify your everyday life. As a customer of this service, you will benefit from personalised service and guaranteed access to OCT’s resources at a reduced price. The subscription also includes OCT Office Set, which offers the possibility to rent workplace packages including exhibition and take-back at a fixed monthly cost.

As a member of the OCT Pro Service, you receive a combination of benefits.

  • Personalised service
  • Guaranteed access to OCT’s resources
  • Cost savings
  • OCT Office Set. Hire of workstations
  • Relocation as a service instead of direct payment

The OCT Pro Service subscription includes

  • Priority service, direct contact to personalised SPOC, Single Point Of Contact
  • 12% service credit
  • Service guarantee, maximum 4 hours turnaround time on weekdays 07 – 19
  • Capacity preference to OCT resources, dedicated Pro Service Team with own vehicles.

Cost 105 SEK per workplace per month.

Basic requirement for joining Pro Service is seven workplaces and approved credit check. Service Credit is accumulated up to 60 months.

Optional products and services in OCT Pro Service

OCT Office Set

  • Access to rent stylish workspaces at a fixed monthly cost including deployment and retrieval
  • From £150 per month

OCT Recurring Pay

  • Pay for work over time
  • Change an unpredictable sum to a
    fixed monthly cost

Service Credit

  • Credit on our services that can be used
    immediately or save for the future.
  • Includes both the Pro Service fee
    and the services you buy.