Moving company that takes care of your move

At OCT, we value responsibility and transparency. As a customer, you should always feel safe entrusting the move to us.

Moving forward

OCT ikon företagsflytt

Company move

We help you with both internal and external office moves

OCT ikon bolagsflytt

Household move

Simple, smooth and safe moving of household goods through all steps

OCT ikon myndighetssflytt

Authority move

Transparency, quality and expertise

OCT ikon magasinering


We help you store large and small items

OCT ikon arkivering


Secure archiving that meets all of today’s requirements

Facility Services

OCT Pro Service

Project resource
Window frosting
Shop assembly
Furniture assembly
Server move
Pop-up assembly

Facility Services

OCT Pro Service

Projektledning Window frosting Shop assembly Furniture assembly Transportation Server move Pop-up assembly


Sale Charity Recycling
Durability through refurbishing

En magasinkärra som drar en kartong som liknar ett hus


Internal company relocation
External company relocation
Project management
Security Destruction
Environmental management
Heavy transport

En kartong som ligger ner och innehåller skyddsprodukter för flytt


Moving boxes
Stool & Pallet collars
Waste paper
Bubble wrap
Picture boxes
Recycling bin
Privacy vessel
Corrugated cardboard
Archive boxes
Shrink wrap

OCT – Your moving company for safe and smooth moving in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Our aim is that everyone involved, from employee to customer, should feel secure when they choose OCT AB. The company is therefore as well ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certified. OCT AB has an agreement with the Transport Workers’ Union as well as membership with Sweden’s Åkeriforetat. We are of course also very proud to have the highest credit rating (AAA).

Moving assistance in Stockholm and Gothenburg

We offer moving assistance for both private individuals, companies and authorities in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Free moving quote

Contact us for a free quote or to book your next move, contact OCT today!

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