Moving authorities with transparency, quality and expertise

Transparency, quality and expertise are OCT’s promise. As one of the country’s leaders in the field, TRANSPARENCY is a watchword, OCT keeps what we promise in our responses to procurement.

OCT is quality certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001. A matter of course for an established supplier and we naturally agree. It’s worth pointing out that only a relatively small clique of premium suppliers manage to maintain an ISO 9001 certificate.

Environmental friendliness, OCT is environmentally certified under the ISO 14001 environmental management system. The best way to ensure that your authority chooses a truly environmentally sound supplier is to have it environmentally certified.

Environmental certification means that we are constantly and sustainably improving our climate performance in large and small ways. Moving, by its very nature, involves a lot of transport by vehicle, which makes it a big commitment to actually manage to maintain an ISO 14001 certification. It is a particular challenge and therefore it is also extra important that it is actually in place.

Long experience

Expertise in moving, OCT has been operating since 1986. There is an incredible amount of knowledge about quality relocation and its project management within OCT. In addition to our quality management system where experience and best practices are systematised, the Senior level works together with the Junior level, which ensures that genuine expertise is something that is included when evaluating OCT as a supplier.

Collective agreement

OCT has a collective agreement with the Transport Workers’ Union. All employees receive collectively agreed wages and conditions. Just like quality and environmental certification, collective agreements should be a matter of course, with OCT you are sure that the conditions are good for everyone.

Sound finances

OCT has the highest credit rating of AAA. We are proud to be rated AAA in creditworthiness, the highest level can not be taken for granted because a healthy economy can only be maintained over time through a healthy organisation.

OCT is a quality alternative and we sincerely look forward to participating in your next tender.