OCT is a sustainable and environmentally friendly company

Since OCT AB is quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, there are strict regulations regarding all types of products etc. that can have an impact on our environment.

In OCT’s business, it is above all our vehicle fleet that has a major impact on our environment, which is why we currently have Euroclass 6 engines in all our lorries.

The social impact of our business is more difficult to identify, but it is the case that our employees and the company’s behaviour in our society affect our environment’s view of how people and companies interact with each other.

The company has established a drug policy and a code of ethics to prevent negative social and societal impact.

Environmental plan

OCT has been operating in rented premises since 2007. The property is located in the Lunda industrial area in Spånga in north-west Stockholm and in Hisings Backa outside Gothenburg.

Reconditioning of vehicles is of utmost importance that it is carried out in the service hall which is equipped with oil separators. Fuel is stored in the yard in dedicated tanks in accordance with regulatory requirements. The business consists of removal services, warehousing, archiving, training, vehicle washing and consultancy. Goods are transported to and from customers by lorry, which causes some traffic noise. The company’s vehicle fleet consists of heavy and light lorries with Euroclass 6 engines and the company’s company cars are powered by natural gas.

OCT has, together with the company’s employees, discussed and inventoried what, in our business, affects the external environment in connection with our professional practice and agreed on the following environmental report.

Environmental policy

  • This policy applies to all our areas of activity
  • Our actions shall be guided by laws, regulations, customer requirements, business requirements and the personal commitment of all employees
  • We will only use approved equipment in accordance with established regulatory requirements and laws
  • We will strive to minimise the negative environmental impact of our operations as far as possible
  • Environmental work shall focus on continuous improvement

Quality policy

  • The focus of our business must be the customer. Our customers shall be treated with respect and sensitivity
  • Laws and regulations must be followed
  • Training programmes for staff must be in place and implemented in order to ensure staff competence
  • Quality shall also be pursued with regard to the environment and also with regard to social values
  • The company’s work on its quality system must be a living process and constantly reviewed, supplemented and improved


OCT AB has for many years had an agreement with Stena Recycling AB for handling both our own and our customers’ waste in an innovative and climate-smart way. The agreement also includes training in waste management and other environmental knowledge in connection with changes in waste management or as a further education.

Stena Recycling AB and OCT AB shall work together for continuous improvements and development of waste management. We shall also keep ourselves informed of changes in laws and regulations in the field of waste that may affect our waste management and also otherwise informed of changed routines and procedures.

As far as possible, we find new uses for furniture and other equipment. We have several partners who sell/buy furniture and fittings from companies.

Using our network of contacts, we also try to donate furnishings and materials that are functional and usable to give them new life and joy to others. In the last step, we recycle the material with the help of our contractual partner Stena Recycling AB.

Social commitments

Since the type of business that the company conducts is tiring for the body, OCT AB has established cooperation with chiropractors, health care and wellness. Over the years, the company has also supported the Swedish sports movement by sponsoring sports halls and local sports clubs.

In cooperation with the Swedish Public Employment Service, OCT AB has also created employment for people who have been on long-term sick leave, disabled people, but above all the company has been involved in creating jobs for young people.

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